Freewill of Human

What is one of the biggest grace that given in human ?


Free to choose what we do for today. Will i work for this job, or will I just spend the whole day laying on bed. That’s you’re right to pick everything to do with your life. But the thing that come afterward this freewill is we’re confused and feel it’s difficult to decide almost all thing which serve right in front. Just like when you’re in a big restaurant, and you see the list of menu and the turn is over to you to pick what you want eat. Well, I’m pretty much feel the same every time we headed into big restaurant. And so in life. I can say that, many times I wonder to reduce open options that available in life just because I hate to choose. Way to difficult and somehow stressing enough. Or, I just let it open for now, later when I have enough energy to come, I’ll.

In relation to that case, not only one or two peoples around me said to “relax and let the fate define itself”. Moreover, social media or even daily life, when someone comes to difficult and down side of life, they’ll say : ohh, this is my bad luck or bad fate. Or, when they success, they’ll shout like good fate comes then. Still, most people believe in FATE or in the authoritarianism or domineering¬† of God. In some part of life, I did.

Albeit, the lecture today taught me : Nee, niet zo. 

1. Onze God, is not a domineering God. In Romans 8 : 28 said “And we know that all thing work together for good to them that love God, …. ” . Thus, it’s clearly said we have a part in our life, no matter it is big or small, but we participate. Work together means God is being partner of our life, actively complete our weakness and strenghten His children. Once again, He’s not a passive God that only watch us for what kind of thing He destined. Also, good in that words implies God assist and think toward us is the thoughts of peace and not evil. Good things in life not the evil one He’s working for. Be joyful for that. (Predestine is defined quite different. Predestine here is used for whom is believing in the image of his Son, they’ll save).

2. Don’t be afraid and worry to decide thing in your life. Once again, be joyful for the freewill that we received from Him. When the thought of wrong decision come to mind, remember what Romans said : “Likewise the Spirith also helpeth our infirmities : for we know not what we should pray as we ought…..”. After your decision, God through His Spirith will accompany and complete our weakness. So, back again, to make those good and peace life come to us. We only need to ask from Him.